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#9: Was YouTube Rewind Accurate?

#9: Was YouTube Rewind Accurate?

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On this episode of the “Poppin’ Things Podcast” Alec, Chapman and Nicole discuss Spider-man, Netflix, The Holidays and much more!

Chapman Croskell, Alec Erikson and Nicole Conklin can be reached on Twitter at @Nescwick, @CTV_Aceand @NicoleConklin6 or @CSUCollegian

Intro and outro music produced by Joshua Horner.

Spider-man Homecoming –
The Last of Us Pt.2 –
Amazon Go –
YouTube Rewind –
PewDiePie –…0m-subs-1.3199755
Transformers: The Last Night –…0m-subs-1.3199755
The Mummy –

Laurelle Turner

December 13th, 2016

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