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CSU Rams Embarrassed by CU, Now on to UTSA.

CSU Rams Embarrassed by CU, Now on to UTSA.

By Collin "Stat Cat" Felix | September 8, 2016

The Rams took a beating from their in state rivals the Colorado Buffalo. With a final score of 44 to 7 the Rams could not get anything going on offence or stop the high tempo offence of the Buffs on defense. 69,850 fans came to watch the 2016 Rocky Mountain Showdown. That crowd dissipated after half way through the third quarter.

The word repeated by all the players after the game was “Embarrassed”. This word was said repeatedly by head Coach Mike Bobo’s post-game press conference. This team right now needs to choose do they want to do better than last year going 7-6 or do they want to take steps backwards and finish under five hundred.

What was shown was four steps back from last year. The Rams need to put this beating in the past. But also remember how it made the tem feel and use that as a teaching moment from the coaching staff. This upcoming Saturday the Rams take on the University of Texas San Antonio. This was the same team that almost beat the Rams last year. After the Showdown any team could be the Rams right now.

The Rams need to create a stable and consistent QB is the first item needing to be addressed if the Rams have any chance of winning on Saturday. This switching QB’s last year hurt the team and this Rams team needs a starting QB that will be there for the foreseeable future. This helps the entire team. That helps the QB and wide receiver timing and understanding what each other is going to do. When the QB can make any pass then that opens up the run game which helps both running and throwing.

Let’s see how the Rams come out of the gate on Saturday.