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We’re Not Kanye. That’s the Title. (Squid Thoughts on PUP)

We’re Not Kanye. That’s the Title. (Squid Thoughts on PUP)

The ferocious Canadian Punk-Rock band, PUP, has a couple of exciting announcements for their fans for 2016. A new album, a couple of tours, and a bunch of misfits having a good time. After releasing a new single, “DVP”, PUP announced a new album and the name along with it.

One fan commented on the post, “This better fucking be the actual album title cause that is the most punk shit I have ever heard…” To which PUP responded, “We’re not Kanye. That’s the title.” Although it took Kanye four tries to get a name right for his new album, PUP is pretty set with this title. And the backstory for the title of The Dream Is Over has to be the most punk-rock thing you have heard in 2016. 

While they haven’t announced any tour dates to hit Colorado, they are touring a good majority of the United States supported by Rozwell Kid. Check out their awesome, video game inspired, lyric video for “DVP” below or the live performance for Audiotree.

YouTube / puptheband – via Iframely

YouTube / Audiotreetv – via Iframely

Sam Bulkley

February 16th, 2016

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