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OK Go Releases New Video That Is “Almost” Out Of This World

OK Go Releases New Video That Is “Almost” Out Of This World

OK Go is known for their outstanding and extraordinary music videos. Whether it’s flying drones to create amazing images, creating huge Rube Goldberg machines or just dancing around on treadmills; they may have just made their most creative video yet. OK Go took flight to Russia and filmed completely inside of an airplane. IN ZERO GRAVITY. Watch the video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” from their album Hungry Ghosts.

YouTube / OKGoVEVO – via Iframely

Facebook / OK Go – via Iframely

The band canceled all of the dates they were planning to play at last year’s Riot Fest and said that “You will be happy we have made this decision”. Obviously, with 7 million within seven hours, the fans are very pleased. To see how they shot the video, go to their Instagram. Check out all of OK Go’s other music videos on their Youtube Channel.

Sam Bulkley

February 11th, 2016

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