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JR JR Interview with DJ G-Love

JR JR Interview with DJ G-Love

By John Glover | November 9, 2015

This is John Glover, A.K.A. DJ G-Love from KCSU in Fort Collins here with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr outside of the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado. 

Joshua Epstein.: Oh you’re from Fort Collins? I played a show there once in a coffee shop!

G-Love: Very cool, tell me a bit about that!

Josh: It was an acoustic set with my friend Paleo, he’s a singer-songwriter. He plays with Esme Patterson now. It was fun, super fun town. I’d like to be able to get big enough to play at the Aggie Theater sometime.

G-Love: How did you all meet?

Josh: Dan had a band in Michigan, and I was his fanboy. I asked him to write a song together, and we wrote “Simple Girl” and that was it! We kinda just took off from there!

G-Love: So all of you are from Michigan?

Josh: Yeah, all from Detroit!

G-Love: Tell me a bit about your song-writing process!

Josh: Dan and I usually work together on our tracks. It’s really great to have someone musically like-minded to bounce your ideas off of. It’s a different process every time, but we both write.

G-Love: So you used to go by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jr. but now you’re just Jr. Jr. Why the name change?

Josh: It sort of became this presence in the band that we just didn’t need. We both have grown so much into our own voices, it was a good time for a name change. We also just dropped the new LP and it’s our most successful yet, so it’s definitely a good time.

G-Love: Yeah, congratulations! How long did it take you to write that album?

Daniel Zott: About a year. It started when Josh started singing the James Dean line on the road about a year ago when we were on tour. He would always sing it during sound check and that was kind of the beginning, I think, of a lot of the new stuff. The album just dropped about a week ago, it’s called JR JR, but our single “Gone” came out about a month ago.

G-Love: Is Denver the first stop on your tour?

Josh: Fourth, actually.

G-Love: Are there any stops in particular that you’re looking forward to?

Dan: We were looking forward to Denver actually! Whenever you have friends in town, and a cool venue that people will always show up to. It’s that way in Los Angeles, Chicago, and DC. Surprisingly, the 9:30 Club is always a great show for us.

G-Love: I’m from DC! It’s a really cool city.

Josh: Oh, yeah. It always sells out and we have a great time.

G-Love: Well thank you both for your time, you guys put on a great show tonight.

Josh and Dan: Thanks!