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Super Joe

Super Joe

By Collin "Stat Cat" Felix | October 27, 2015

Senior Joe Hansley has been at Colorado State since his freshman year in the fall of the 2012. Joe has played all four years as a wide receiver and has had some great success as well. Hansley has played in a total of 44 games and accumulated a total of 126 receptions for 1,699 yards and 11 touchdowns. These totals will go up since we are only half way through the 2015 season.

“He’s a dependable person. He’s usually going to be where he’s supposed to be. He runs good routes. He can catch the ball and he has deceptive speed. He does a great job of changing directions, in and out of cuts. He does a great job after the catch, when he catches the ball,” what Head coach Mike Bobo had to say about Joe after todays practice. It’s true as fans have watched over the years Joe has been that guy to step up and been there for this Rams team.

Joe Hansley is not done yet. He has 5 games left in his senior year baring a bowl appearance before Joe is done wearing the green and gold. “We aren’t where we need to be. Last week helped getting that win, but week two-three were heart breakers for us I still look back, but I moved on. But, looking at our record those ones still hurt. Defiantly I don’t think we are where we need to be or we can be. But with that being said that doesn’t mean we can’t get there and win out the rest of the season,” what Hansley had to say after practice. This was a passionate Joe that thinks this football team is just heating up. This past Saturday Hansley had three catches for 75 yards and two touchdowns. When asked if his rhythm with quarterback Nick Stevens was increasing and on the right track Joe said, “Yea, I think it was defiantly a sign our rhythms are getting back and getting to the point we need to be at…”

This bye week the rams are working on their fundamentals and working up toward facing San Diego State. When asked about how the CSU Ram receiving core was bettering themselves and the rhythm between the quarterback-receiver combos Joe said, “We do a lot of different drills each day depending on who we are playing each week, depending on the defense and stuff like that. But specifically with the quarterbacks it’s really running your routs hard every day in practice, cause then you get the timing down. If your jogging routes in practice then there not going to get the timing down with us. It’s nothing special it’s nothing specific it’s just consistency running full speed and getting your routes down with the quarterbacks.”

Get to know Joe

We thought let’s find out about Joe Hansley the go to wide receiver for CSU.

We asked Joe what he listens to before a game and he said, “I listen to a lot of Drake. I don’t listen to a lot of big pump up, fast paced stuff, I like slow tempo. I like slow drake. Drake is definitely who I listen to.”

Joe is not all work. “I’m actually going back home, I’m going back to one of my high school games. I haven’t been back in four years I’m going to check it out, they are struggling right now but I’m going down there to watch a game, it will be fun,” what joe said in response to being asked what he was going to do this bye weekend. Plus we asked Joe what he does with his free time outside of football. “I just got a dog this last summer. So my time is kind of booked up with him. Outside of football I like relaxing, hanging out especially during the season I’ll go now it’s kind of like every Sunday I’ll go to the dog park with my girlfriend. It’s pretty laid back and pretty calm.”

If you ever get a chance to see Joe without a helmet on he probably will be reping a team with his hat. “I wear a lot of hats. I got a lot of hats. I just like wearing hats,” said Joe in answering a question about wearing a different baseball team hat after todays practice.

Joe Hansley is a guy that has put the work in for four years and is still not done he will be suiting up with his brothers in green and gold on October 31 when the CSU Rams (3-4, 1, 2 MW) face off against Mountain West rival San Diego State Aztecs (3-3, 2-0 MW) at 1:30 p.m. MT. This game will be televised by CBS Sports Network and on the radio with 105.5 ESPN for those who will be unable to attend.