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Nick Stevens a Work in Progress

Nick Stevens a Work in Progress

By Collin "Stat Cat" Felix | October 27, 2015

After a dismal performance against top 25 ranked Boise State, Redshirt Sophomore Nick Stevens had a career game against the Air Force Academy Falcons.

“It’s good to win on any Saturday,” Coach Mike Bobo had to say after a Colorado State (3-4, 1, 2 MW) win over in state conference rival Air Force (3-3, 2-1 MW) 38 to 23. This was CSU’s first conference win this year and they won in a dominate fashion.

Stevens went 23-30 on his passing attempts for a grand total of 296 yards and only committing one error, an interception. “I thought Nick did an outstanding job all day of going to the right receiver. The one interception, I thought he threw it on time. Joe (Hansley) should’ve cut in front of the safety. He threw it before he broke and that’s what I want him to do. We were able to come back later and get him on a double move on that same kind of concept,” Bobo had to say on Stevens’s overall performance after the game. His day was an unexpected spectacle for all CSU fans.

This Sophomore had a wide verity of targets including 7 receptions for 74 yards to Junior, Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins. This QB finally saw the ability that this 6-2 powerhouse can do especially when thrown the high ball. Stevens also had 3 receptions to Senior Joe Hansley for 75 yards and two touchdowns. Hansley truly is an all-purpose football player; he also had a punt return for 40 yards to give his CSU team better field position. “It felt really good. I was really happy this happened because there’s been a couple of games we’ve struggled with. On offense, it was good, especially as a team win. It felt really great to get a team win like that,” Nick Stevens says on having a career game.

Stevens was able to have this career game partially due to the ability to keep the Falcon defense on edge. Stevens’s running backs helped keep this CSU offence balanced. CSU rushed as a squad for 160 yards. Senior Jason Oden Jr., was a huge support to Nick Stevens, he had 11 carries for a net gain of 89 yards and two touchdowns. This allowed Stevens to throw around the field with great success.

One thing that Stevens still needs to improve is his ability to look-off defenders. Several times in Saturday’s game Stevens stared directly to who he was intending to throw to.  This aspect of his game will develop more as he progresses in his career and has more time to perfect his craft.

CSU is going into the bye next week. “Time to heal up and rehab before going to San Diego State,” said Higgins after Saturday’s game. The Rams look to rest and to prepare for the upcoming bought between CSU and the San Diego State Aztecs (3-3, 2-0 MW) on Saturday, October 31st at 1:30 p.m. MT.