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Review: Gracetown by San Cisco

Review: Gracetown by San Cisco

By Rebekah Romberg | March 11, 2015

Artist: San Cisco

Album: Gracetown

Genre: Indie Rock

Recommended if you like: Vampire Weekend, Tennis, TOPS, Portugal. The Man

I’d like to start by simply saying: This album is REALLY good.

The Australian quartet is back for their sophomore album, Gracetown. San Cisco formed in 2009 and have been producing some high caliber indie pop twee magic ever since. With three EPs (Golden Revolver, Awkward, and Beach) and two full studio albums, (San Cisco and Gracetown) San Cisco continues to deliver joyful, ear-pleasing music that really just makes you want to dance.




As far as Gracetown goes, I have to agree with Indie Shuffle’s Justin Lam. This album is full of stories and while the entire listening experience is great, each song really stands on its own very well. There are some cool constants with beach rock guitar licks, simple harmonies and truly engaging, yet whimsical lyrics. It’s really challenging to choose a standout single, considering each song is endearing in its own way. Still, there’s something Magic about this track. The mysterious vocals and driving beats somehow just make you feel cool when you listen. The track I’d say you should look out for as a surprise delight is “Skool.” This song is the quintessential love song that at times even gives you butterflies in your stomach.




This band has a unique ability to infuse its music with throwback elements from the 60’s and 80’s while maintaining a modern flair. Highly recommend.