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Peshawar Candlelight Vigil

Peshawar Candlelight Vigil

By Claire Hamlin | December 17, 2014

On Tuesday, December 16, a group of 7 Taliban militants carried out an attack against an army-run school in Peshawar, a city in northwestern Pakistan. One hundred and forty one people were killed; one hundred and thirty two of those casualties were children.

The Pakistan Rams Society (PakRams) is holding a candlelight vigil tonight (Wednesday, December 17) for the victims of the massacre in Peshawar. The vigil will take place at 6pm on the plaza outside of the Lory Student Center. Rafey Siddiqui, president of PakRams, said he was “devastated by what has happened” and stated that “the act of going to school should be a right, not an act of bravery.” Siddiqui encourages anyone in the city and campus community to gather tonight in “solidarity for the victims and as a symbol of global unity against terrorism.”

More information about the vigil can be found here: